Bail Bonds

Section 648.42

Section 648.42 of the Florida Statutes requires bail bond agents to register with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Sheriff's Office by April 1st of each odd-numbered year in the county in which the agent resides. In Escambia County, the Jail accepts registration on behalf of the Sheriff's Office.

The Clerk may not permit registration unless an agent is currently licensed and appointed by the Department of Financial Services.


To register with the Clerk's office a bail bond agent shall file:

  1. A completed registration form
  2. A copy of the agent's bail bond license
  3. The agent's power of attorney from each insurer
  4. A letter of appointment from each insurer

All the required documents can be submitted to the Clerk's office via email or in person at the Criminal Records Division located at:
190 W Government Street
Pensacola, FL 

Please allow five business days for processing the registration paperwork.