Property Fraud Alert

The Escambia County Clerk offers property owners a free service to alert them of potential property fraud.  Property Fraud Alert emails notifications within 24 hours to subscribers when a deed, mortgage or other land record with their registered name on it has been recorded into the county's Official Records.

Sign Up

Follow these steps to sign up for the Property Fraud Alert:

  • Visit the Property Fraud Alert Registration page.
  • Enter your personal or business name and email address.
    1. To use a middle initial/name, enter it in the First Name field with a space between first name and middle initial/name.
  • Select the Send Confirmation Email button.
  • Click the link in the confirmation email to complete the verification process.

You may repeat the registration process as many times as you want for personal or business names or variations of names per email address. You may unregister at any time by following the same registration process, and you will receive an email to complete the alert removal.

If You Receive an Alert

If you receive an email notification from “Customer Service” ( with the subject “Landmark Recording – Alert,” a document has been recorded that matches a name you registered. You can view the document to confirm if it potential fraud or another type of record.

  • The alert will provide you with a document number, which is the Clerk's File Number or CFN.
  • Search the online Official Records to view the file.

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office or the Pensacola Police Department. You may also need to contact an attorney to determine whether you need to take legal action to undo the fraudulent recording.

If you dispute a lien that has been recorded against your property, contact the lien filer.