What do I need to do to enter a payment plan?

Complete the Payment Plan Application, bring your completed form, identification and required fees ($25 administrative fee and $7 clearance letter fee, if applicable) to the Collections Division for processing.

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1. What types of cases are covered?
2. Is there a time limit for entering into a payment plan?
3. What is the minimum monthly payment amount?
4. What if my driver’s license has been suspended for failure to pay court costs/fines?
5. How much does it cost to enter into a payment plan?
6. I have multiple cases. Can I enter into a payment plan for all of my cases?
7. How does a stacked payment plan work?
8. What happens if I do not make the scheduled payments?
9. What if I cannot make my scheduled payment?
10. What do I need to do to enter a payment plan?
11. When will my first payment be due?
12. What if I live out of town? Can I mail my application?